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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:14

Futech Niigata LLC

Monozukuri craftsmanship for physical chemistry.
Manufacturing and sales of products that use microbubbles and nanobubbles that are generated by a microbubble generator.

Our in-house developed product, the “Bath System” artificial carbonated spring device, is used in beauty salons, pet salons, veterinary hospitals, and for carbonated spring baths at home.


Sales Pitch

Main products/services/technologies
Fine bubble generator
[ Thorough customization services to meet customer needs ]
“Microscopic bubble” is a general term used for very fine bubbles. This device can generate microbubbles of approximately 50 μm to nanobubbles of 1 μm or less and is used for various applications.
Artificial carbonated spring water that is created by mixing carbon dioxide with microscopic bubbles becomes functional water that has a great effect in promoting blood flow. Ozone water, created by mixing ozone gas, is used as sterilizing water.
The effect of microbubbles and nanobubbles alone is used for sterilization and tissue activation.
The may also be used to improve the foul smell of cooling water (coolants) owing to their disinfection effect.
It is, however, important to prepare proper conditions to generate microscopic bubbles according to application. We provide customization services that correspond to the site environment, ensuring that your investment is not wasted.
Manufacture and processing of custom-made products
Because we are capable of cutting and sheet-metal processing, we can manufacture jigs and housings regardless of whether the material is metal, plastic, wood, or glass.
As manufacturing examples: plugs for drum caps (with torque wrench sockets), air bubble removal devices, and local ventilation devices
High corrosion resistance pressure gauge
We manufacture Teflon pressure gauge housings. Regarding pressure indicators, we have commercialized a highly corrosion resistant pressure gauge, with a combination of Bourdon tube types and digital types as requested by our customers. The pressure gauge is highly reliable and inexpensive.

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