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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:49


Astage and HOKUTO Co., Ltd. joined the Shimazu Holding Group in 2012 and 2013, respectively. This has strengthened our commitment to mobilize all available resources to drive our business growth. We have always been and will always be grateful to the support and encouragement from our customers and partners.

With the goal of becoming a leading company in the field of information processing technology, we regularly incorporate new technology and facilities to maintain our position as one of the top companies operating in Niigata Prefecture. We commenced business in Kami-machi in Shibata City of Niigata Prefecture in 1949 and reorganized into a stock company in 1963. In 1975, we constructed a factory in our current address and relocated our business there. Later on, Niigata, Tokyo, and Hokuriku divisions were established. Today, we have offices in Sendai and Osaka as well.

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Major products, services, and technology
Comprehensive printing service
We provide all kinds of printing services, including commercial printing services (printing of fliers, catalogues, pamphlets, magazines, booklets, etc.), comprehensive printing services where we plan, produce, print, and bind materials for our customers, and quick printing services (printing of various types of slips, forms, envelopes, postcards, business cards, etc.).
Information service
Our information service business encompasses our entire media mix, which includes not only printed materials but also a Web system that links a website with online shopping services and databases (such as one used for information retrieval), server hosting, and digital content (CD-ROM, etc.).
Information regarding the technology and products we can offer to other companies
Our tangible strengths are characterized by our commitment to digitize the printmaking process, which enables us to offer cutting-edge high-definition printing (FM screening) used to create CTP (Computer To Plate), art pieces, and calendars. Our intangible strengths lie in cost competitiveness, which we leverage to create low-cost fliers for mass-merchandise outlets. We can also create a website by using the same draft used to create printed materials, maintain and manage all kinds of media for our customers, and provide web system and server hosting services. "Easy scratch" enabled by our revolutionary scratch printing technology leaves no shavings.

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