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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:58

Niigataken Kanko Bussan Co.,Ltd.

(1) Seafood, in the towns facing the long shoreline,
(2) mountain food, in the villages surrounded by greenery,
(3) exquisite sweets and other delicacies, born out of the wisdom of people from their everyday lives,
(4) folk crafts and other craft products, cultivated by the natural and mental features and tradition,
(5) numerous other specialties and souvenirs that you cannot come across unless you visit the land of Niigata.

These are part of what we call the pride of our land.

We have our original integrated production system for all processes from manufacturing to selling these specialties and souvenirs of Niigata Prefecture.

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Main products
Crab Miso Paste
Red snow crabs, from which the Crab Paste comes, are carefully selected from among those caught in the town of Yamakita-cho, in northern Niigata Prefecture.

The crab miso paste and innards, which are inside the crab shells, are moved into a pot and cooked patiently and carefully by hand by skilled craftspersons without compromising quality to produce this luxurious specialty. 

Crab miso paste in general is what is called "miso as a side dish," containing crab and other ingredients mixed together, but this product is a thickly finished product containing 100 percent crab.

After you eat it, the flavor of the crab will spread throughout the inside of your mouth.

First, eat it as it is. Then, maybe with cucumber, lettuce, or another vegetable. Naturally, you can try it on hot rice. Also try it as a secret ingredient for crab hodgepodge, crab pilaf, crab pasta, or other recipes that highlight the flavor of crab.
Grilled squids with seven-flavor chili pepper
They are made from homegrown squids. They are fragrantly baked and flavored with seven-flavor chili pepper.

Enjoy the flavor of the squid. You can help yourself to it as it is, but you can also heat it to make it taste as if it were fresh out of the oven.

Depending on your taste, you can add mayonnaise, soy sauce, or something similar to make it taste even better.

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