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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:00

Yamanoshita Natto Seizojo Co.,Ltd.

In 1927, we began to manufacture natto at Yamanoshita. In 1990, we moved to our current location, Yamakido. In our new factory, we have since been conducting thorough hygienic control, and, with our leading-edge machinery as well as by manual production just like in the old days, we are committed to producing safe, reliable natto.

Aiming for local production for local consumptionton, we are committed to Niigata-produced soybeans.

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Main products
Natto "Suzuroman" made from Niigata's soybeans
168 yen (tax included) (manufacturer's recommended price) (volume: 40 g x 3 packs)

Characteristics: We asked the Iwafune Branch of the Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) in northern Niigata to cultivate Suzuroman, small natto soybeans developed for natto production, resulting in their commercialization.

A production center for Iwafune Rice, the location sees great temperature differences between night and day. Moreover, soybeans grown with the water of the clean Miomote River and Ara River are fully ripe and contain abundant carbohydrates required for fermentation. 

The enclosed sauce is free of chemical seasonings.
Tsubu Jiman (Pride of the Beans) 
186 yen (tax included, manufacturer's recommended price) (volume: 40 g x 3 packs) 

Characteristics: The product consists of Ayakogane, a variety recommended by Niigata Prefecture.

We closely examine its quality every year. This year, we are using Echigo Joetsu, Kita Echigo, and Iwafune-produced Ayakogane. 

People tend to assume that all natto consists of small beans, but ours is different. Enjoy both the rich taste of the large soybeans and the flavor (typical of natto) of the amino acids from fermentation.

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