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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:18

Miyakawa Roller .Co.,Ltd.

We will meet your needs and offer punctual delivery of rubber rollers that will satisfy you.

Rubber rollers are used in all industries and at almost all factories. With the technological skills we have acquired over the years and the cutting-edge technologies, we are convinced that we are making substantial contributions.

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Main products/services/technologies
“GRANPAUL®” (tolerant resistance)
It has an excellent solvent-resistant property. Using special high-elasticity resin, it demonstrates a high solvent-resistant property. Particularly resistant to combined solvents, such as thinner, its resistance to cleaning agents, such as coating and varnish, is outstanding. As it swells very little even when exposed to organic solvents, it has excellent dimensional stability. In addition, as it is invulnerable to ozone and UV exposures, its characteristics would remain stable. We also provide “Super GRANPAUL®,” which can be used under harsher conditions than “SAFETY GRANPAUL®,” which has electric characteristics.
“MIMOSA®” (for removing contamination)
It is an adhesive rubber roller to remove contamination, which is a problem in every industry. In addition to providing eight adhesion grades, from which a dust collection power can be selected according to your purpose, we provide “CARBOLESS MIMOSA®” with added electric conductivity, and “BLEEDLESS MIMOSA®,” which is suitable for more advanced needs. Without being affected by ozone and UV radiation, it maintains consistent stable performance whose reliability does not deteriorate through cracks, ensuring good weather resistance. It is made of flexible material that does not cause damage even on a soft workpiece, and has soft and even adhesion property to ensure that dust is collected evenly.
Technologies and products available for provision to other companies
We offer materials produced through our unique mixtures, in addition to synthetic rubber, polyurethane, and silicone . We produce molded products in various shapes in addition to roller shapes. We can also accommodate special processing (e.g., groove processing).

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