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Horishushoten Co.,Ltd.

Miso, vegetables preserved in miso, miso prepared using Niigata's traditional process

Maruho Echigo Miso and vegetables preserved in miso have been delivered to you with the tastes that have remained the same through generations. The tastes that we wish to pass on from mothers to their daughters -- they are simple and nostalgic.

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Overview of our business, products, technologies, and other details
Our business and characteristics
(1) Assorted miso prepared using Niigata's traditional process
(2) Preserved in sweetened miso 
Overview of main products and technologies
1. Assorted miso preserved using Niigata's traditional process: 2,916 yen (tax included) per box (manufacturer's recommended price) (volume: 1 kg x 3 bags)

Characteristics: Brown rice miso emits a marvelous smell from koshihikari brown rice koji. Miso made from whole soybeans contains whole soybeans, which makes its grainy texture delightful. Both are less salty and lighter-colored than average miso. Yahiko-yama is red miso filled with sufficiently matured rice koji, so that it offers a rich flavor. It is assorted miso, coming in white and red. It is also possible to include only one type of miso in one package.

Ingredients: Soybeans (soybeans for whole-soybean miso are all homegrown), rice koji, salt, alcohol

How to eat: This miso can be used to make not only miso soups, but also simmered food, hot pots, sauces, and other foods. Its best-before date is six months from when it was made. In summer, please store it in a refrigerator. If your miso thickens in color, you can thin it with sake, sweet sake, or other solution and use it as a bedding for overnight pickling.

Production capacity: 1.5 tons per month

2. Vegetables preserved in sweet miso; 702 yen (tax included) per bag (manufacturer's recommended price) (volume: 300 g)

Characteristics: This product is made by desalinating vegetables preserved in miso carefully with Maruho Echigo Miso, further preserving it with a tasty miso sauce, and finishing it with a slightly salted, sweet, and light taste. It can be sliced and is best suited as a side dish for your tea, box lunch, or usual meal. It offers the slight fragrance of miso to stimulate your appetite.

Ingredients: Daikon, eggplant, cucumber, miso, amino acids, salt, spices, sweeteners, acidulants, etc.

How to store: After opening the bag, pour the content into a container or something similar, store it in a refrigerator, and eat it as early as you can. Its eat-by date is four months from when it was made, if left sealed. 

Production capacity: 1,000 bags per month
Message from the CEO and President
As a manufacturer, we work to pursue healthy tastes while improving quality.

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