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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:02

Horikawa Sengyo Co.,Ltd.

We are middle traders for fresh fish, sushi ingredients, tuna, fish roe, frozen foods, and sliced fish.

Since our foundation in Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture, we have been middle-trading fresh fish for more than eight decades.

Our connoisseur auctioneers purchase careful selections of fish from both Niigata and elsewhere in Japan and deliver them to shops and retail them as well.


Sales Pitch

Overview of our business, products, technologies, and other details
Our business and characteristics
(1) Our primary selling point is our sales representatives. 
(1a) Doubling as auctioneers, our highly experienced sales representatives are our greatest strength. They have been accumulating experience through requests, comments, and feedback from diverse shop owners and cooks. 
(1b) Although they may look strict, they are very good people that are highly versed in fish. We are positive that they will be helpful to you at your shops. To begin, please consult us.

(2) Local foods in season
(2a) Japanese oysters, abalones, and vinegared seaweed from Yamakita in early summer, Sado sweet shrimps, turban shells, and Akahige, and Matsuhama shijimi clams. Yanagi Mushigarei and Pacific mackerel from off Niigata’s coast in fall, and salmon swimming upstream in Niigata, and cold yellowtails from Sado in winter, along with Kambirame and monkfish from off the coast of Niigata. Sea breams from Awajima and wakame seaweed from Sado in spring.
(2b) We know what the tasty local foods in season are. Based on our long-standing relationships, we are also friends with skilled fisherpersons. In which season, in which fishing ground, with which fishing method, and how to take best care of fish to make them tastiest? Paying attention to all these questions, we are committed to delivering truly delicious fish to you.

(3) One-stop shopping
Not only can we deliver fresh fish, we can also deliver frozen foods and processed foods, along with vegetables as well. In one place, you can purchase many kinds of foods. 

(4) We don't sell in boxes alone.
Although we are middle traders, we can sell not only in boxes but in small quantities as well, such as in hundreds of grams.

(5) With first-time customers too
We have been enjoying relationships with long-standing shops, to whom we have been delivering fish for many years. But that doesn't mean that we are closed to first-time customers. If you are interested in our fish, we would be glad to receive casual inquiries and orders from you.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our Fresh Fish Department handles fresh fish.
Our Special Foods Department is for sushi ingredients.
Our Large Foods Department is for handling tuna.
Our Frozen Foods and Salted and Dried Foods Department handles fish roe and frozen foods.
Our Processing Center handles sliced fish and preserved fish.
Our Sales Office at Honmachi comes equipped with retail facilities
Message from the CEO and President
We deliver good foods to you in various manners.

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