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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:21

Hanaoka Co.,Ltd.

Awning, soft partitions, banners and sheets. Sewing

We provide assuring production and construction works by offering most appropriate awning for the purpose, using “Sunbrella” and “Markilux,” our acryl canvas products in more than 300 colors with dyed yarns that are excellent in discoloration resistance woven into, and various many frame items, both Japanese and international. We have various sewing equipment specifically designed for heavy fabric.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
1. Awning
 “House awning” controls sunlight to create comfortable garden spaces. “Store awning” decorates the interior and exterior of commercial spaces, and protect the merchandise from UV rays and rains. “Industrial awning” protect products from weather changes and provides comfortable work spaces.
2. Soft partition
 Using resin sheet materials with various functions, we design and install sheet shutters for entrance passages and anti-insect and cold prevention products for openings. We design and construct “simple clean rooms” using materials that are antistatic, incombustible, flame-resistant, anti-insect, and antimicrobial.
3. Banners and sheets
 We plan and manufacture horizontal banners, vertical banners, other types of banners and flags using inkjet printing. We are adept at sewing thick and heavy fabrics, and we manufacture sheets for outdoor piling, pallet sheets, container sheets, truck sheets, and canvas sheets. We perform sewing of covers and bags.
Overview of main products and technologies
Hybrid high-frequency welders, general high-frequency welders, sewing machine for heavy fabric, automatic eyelet stamper, processing facilities such as steel frames
Message from the representative
Utilizing the “gentleness and soft texture” of fabrics (textiles and cloth), we provide assistance to the creation and production of residential, commercial and industrial spaces. 

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