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Latest update: 07/12/2020 14:57:00

Re-birth Japan Co.Ltd.

Biotechnology, reverse solvents, diatom earth, waxes, and antioxidant ceramic plate bath

With the reverse solvents we developed in-house using biotechnology, we manufacture diatom earth, a “construction material that purifies air in housing” which can be used for coating as if it was a paint, and materials for “antioxidant ceramic plate bath” using clean air technologies.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
• Reverse coat (diatom earth coating)
• You can use the diatom earth for coating as if it was a paint. Easily installed, it purifies the entire air in the house.
• Reverse wax (wax for surface finishing of the floor)
• Easy-to-use surface finishing deodorant wax, which removes ammonia odor in 30 minutes after application, just by coating.
• Antioxidant ceramic plate bath (relaxing space for warm bathing without stuffiness)
• Simply put, antioxidant ceramic plate bath feels like a low-temperature/low-humidity sauna.
Overview of main products and technologies
• Refrepowder (powder detergent)
• Strong powder detergent with deodorant effects that removes dirt and stains well. It is produced by refining vegetable oil and fat without using synthetic surface active agent, preservative, bleacher or fluorescent.
TERAPACK (bag for keeping food fresh)
• Storage bag for retaining the freshness of vegetables with the ethylene gas reduction effects.
Message from the representative
Reverse solvents can be applied not only to our products but also in various other areas.
We accommodate orders for manufacturing OEM products with abovementioned functionality such as chemical substance reduction and freshness preservation added to plastic, paper, ink, and coating agents.

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