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Latest update: 03/04/2023 15:48:51

Aroma Heart

Fragrance rental business, fragrance event planning and management business, aroma related school management.

Our focus is in the fragrance rental business, fragrance event planning and management business, aroma related school management.


Sales Pitch

1. Fragrance rental business
 Introduced by dental clinics, construction companies, transportation companies, nursing care facilities, etc.
2. Aroma event planning and management business
 Held regularly at AEON MALL, Labra Bandai, etc.
 Aroma events on site at the request of companies, including private events for customers of housing manufacturers and clothing stores, on-site events at nursery schools, etc.
3. We hold aroma school management regularly.
Development and proposal of fragrance products
Sales of our own brand “Kaori Communication Series” blended oil.
A blended oil made with 100% natural essential oils.
Fragrance rental business
If you purchase Kaori Communication series essential oils for a month, we will lend you a free aroma diffuser.
It is appreciated in offices, clinics, facilities, etc.
Event planning and management
Planned an original event called "Kousaku Experience Class".
You can enjoy making colorful aroma goods that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.
About 3,000 aroma goods were made in 7 months at AEON MALL Niigata Minami.
Aroma treatments for adults are popular at Lovela Bandai.
Aroma school operation
An aroma school with a long history in Niigata Prefecture.
Our Representative Sakurai has experience working as a lecturer at a vocational school, working as an aroma therapist at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, and as a lecturer at a community center school. She was also in charge of writing textbooks and teaching classes as a leader of the aroma department at the baby massage association.
She has taught aromatherapy to more than 5,000 people in total, and the number of her students is still increasing.

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