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Track cars and special-purpose vehicles. Integrated production system from design, sheet metal manufacturing and assembling, coating, assembling, and test operation adjustment

We are adept at development projects centering on track cars and special-purpose vehicles. We have an integrated production system that includes design, sheet metal manufacturing and assembling, and even accommodates one-of-a-kind items. Awarded ISO9001 certification, and No. 2 Plant was completed in 2008.

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1. Rolling stock, ground track cars
 We provide diesel locomotives, ranging from those with the dead weights of 5 tons 8 (for theme parks) to those weighing 80 tons (for iron mills). We are so renowned in this field that our company name has the byword for diesel locomotives. In addition, we manufacture various rolling stocks, such as maintenance cars for JR (rail maintenance work cars and wiring work cars), track motor cars, ballast excavators, ironwork trolley, ground track cars, rail carrying cars, as well as track carriage and track cars, such as ladle carriage, conveyance carriage and transfer cars.
2. Special-purpose vehicle
 We produce special-purpose vehicles, including bridge inspection cars for bridge underside inspection, tunnel cleaning cars for cleaning the wall surfaces of a tunnel, and water spray measurement cars to measure the spray quantity of sprinklers installed inside a tunnel.
Overview of main products and technologies
• Information on our processing facilities
Pressing, shear, universal cutter, bandsaw, cutter, benders, drilling machines, lathe, spot welders, arc welders, semi-automatic welders, CAD
Message from the representative
With seven machines designers and electrical system designers (total of 10 designers), we have sufficient development capabilities.

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