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Latest update: 04/03/2020 11:13:09

NIC Co., Ltd.

Creating optimal inspection equipment for the customer by "Custom-made"

Since our establishment in 1986, NIC has been 
working on the development of inspection systems, 
control systems, and quality management systems, 
using image processing technology. 
We design and produce the most 
suitable customized systems and provide 
the effective solutions for each client 
after the detailed discussions 
on the customer's requirements.

In addition to our image processing systems, 
we have extensive experience in database systems, 
and mechanical and electrical systems.

NIC's inspection equipment is used 
in a variety of fields.

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Sales Pitch

Image Processing Software
-Visual Inspection
Checking external profile of produce 
for cracks, contaminations, etc.
-Alignment / Positioning
Detecting positions and orientations.
-Dimension Measurement
Checking the processing and assembly 
of the product are manufactured as specified.
X-Ray Inspection Equipment
-extensive lineup / customized systems
We have an extensive lineup of micro-focus
and mini-focus X-Ray inspection systems.
We also design and produce many types of 
customized systems for specific inspection needs.
Evaluation / Proposal



Other presentation

Major Products: Image Processing Software 
                        X-Ray inspection Equipment

The "quality standards" specified by 
different companies are often different 
even within the same industry.
Therefore, in many cases, 
some of standard inspection systems 
may not be suitable for their inspection requirements.

We offer the best customized solutions 
for your quality management requirements.

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