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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:11

Daiwa Techno Systems Co., Ltd.

We provide central parts for electron microscopes and electron-beam applied equipment with micromachining.

We have been manufacturing filaments and aperture plates for electron microscopes for more than half a century, and have contributed to the development of the analytical equipment industry.
We specialize in micromachining materials with a high melting point or which are particularly difficult to machine, performing everything from design to processing and assembly of precision parts used in ultrahigh vacuums.

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Filament emitter
 Filament emitters such as thermionic electron guns are products that we have continued to manufacture for more than half a century since the company was founded. Using our own welders, it is possible to produce various shapes and accuracy.
 For field emission-type emitters, we make the most of our special technology in welding tungsten together and in the polishing of single crystal chips.
 In addition to tungsten, rhenium and rhenium alloys are often used in filaments for mass analysis equipment that are easily exposed to sample gas. Our company can do stable processing even with such materials.
 We process items that are thinner than human hair through to those several millimeters thick that cannot be bent by hand for use as high-current electron sources and heaters. Because the materials are highly susceptible to cracking, disconnections can frequently occur on inferior products, causing sudden stoppages of equipment. Even from the viewpoint of improving productivity, please consider using our company’s filaments, which are made using our solid expertise in processing.
Aperture pinhole
 Through using the ultrafine hole processing technology that is our strength, we can manufacture aperture plates and orifices. We are pioneers of ultrafine hole processing technology, with a smallest hole size of just φ0.002 mm.
 At Daiwa Techno Systems, we make full use of our proprietary finishing treatment and special cleaning technology to remove nano-level burrs and contaminants. We are highly trusted mainly for electronic beams for SEM and TEM, and X-ray aperture holes.

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