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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:44


We even produce the "only one" part that meets your requirements.

We are a metalworking manufacturer that mainly produces single items. We are able to process various quenched materials, including various resins, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, stainless steel, various metals, hard-to-cut materials, and cemented carbide alloys (such as Hastelloy, titanium, and Inconel), and perform complicated and special processing.


Sales Pitch

Performing trial production and processing single items as well as precision parts 
Our core business is to process parts by using a variety of machines including 5-axis machining centers, vertical and gate type machining centers equipped with a #50 taper the machining area of which is 500 x 1000, a vertical machining center equipped with a #40 taper which can rotate at high speeds of up to 18000 rpm, and a 5-axis machine. 
Furthermore, we are equipped with four NC lathes which can produce products whose diameter is as large as Φ400, a combined NC lathe, and a general-purpose lathe. We mainly process single items by using the 5-axis machine, machining centers, and NC lathes. 
Examples of parts and products that we have produced: Metal molds, jigs, tools, special chuck parts, repair parts, and machine parts
70 to 80% of orders that we accept are those for single items.
85% of products that we produce based on orders are single items. We process as many types of materials as our equipment can process. The materials include various resins, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, SS, stainless steel, various tool steels, SKS (alloy tool steel), die steels, various high-speed steels, and titanium. We can receive orders over the Internet and ship products throughout Japan.
Materials that we process
-Various metals
SKD, SKH, powder high-speed steels, SKS, SNCM, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, cemented carbide alloys, etc.
-Various non-ferrous metals
SUS, AL, CU, resins, etc.

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