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To deepen human relationship, to challenge technological development through more inquisitive minds, and to conduct marine developments at the level that is deeper than the seabed. 

We develop aqua robots useful for infrastructure maintenance and aquaculture. Robot ships developed by our company are multihull ships that comprise multiple hulls. With the application for social infrastructure maintenance and marine environmental restoration in mind, it navigates automatically for operations such as water quality monitoring, and feeding and growth research in the cage.

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Sales Pitch

1. Automatic navigation
It is capable of navigating automatically to programmed work locations.

2. Position retention
Using the position controlling technology to remain at a fixed spot, it is capable of continuous operation even in windy and wavy conditions.

3. Right angle navigation using independent rotating mechanism
It enables swift navigation and evasive maneuvering with right angle navigation on the water surface

4. Portability to ensure mobility
It can be disassembled to a size that can be loaded to a one-box car to be assembled at the site
Operational field
• Water quality environmental survey
Automating surveys previously conducted manually by equipping Robosen with a water quality environmental survey equipment. More detailed and precise data can be obtained without physical burden.

• Ecosystem survey
By installing a underwater camera, the growth states of oysters, seaweed and egg cockle can be regularly monitored automatically through pre-programing, reducing your work load.

• Environmental impact study of offshore construction
Equipped with sensors, it automatically monitors environmental changes, such as cloudiness that may occur from offshore construction work. Its real-time monitoring function enables users to promptly take countermeasures against spread of damage.

• Research and inspection of infrastructure
By installing inspection equipment, such as a sonar, accretion of sand at dams and lakes can be surveyed automatically and broadly. In addition, the small hull size means its draft is shallow (15cm when loading 100kg), making it optimal for shallow-water surveys.
On-board equipment expands the possibilities of Robosen
The robot ships are equipped with automatic winches onboard by default, and it can retain itself at a chosen depth for a designated period. It enable its wide range of versatility as a water surface platform, covering water quality environment analysis, ecosystem survey and water improvement work at a fixed point.

The robot ships retain itself at a fixed point and lower the measuring equipment to the lower end point, repeating the process of surveying, winding the equipment up and auto-navigating to another survey point.

The measurement specifications, including water temperature, salinity and the amount of dissolved oxygen, can be changed as requested.

By loading inspection equipment and work tools on a robot ship, we can automate various work processes, such as fixed-point information gathering using the programmed navigation function, in addition to the lifting and lowering device.