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Latest update: 19/06/2021 16:26:37,Ltd.

Advertising agency targeting Millennials and Gen Z

While respecting tradition and innovatively, we are good at creating bold and simple advertisements by teaming up with artists and creators inside and outside the company and inside and outside Japan.

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User experience design
Create market opportunities in Japan and design optimal user experience
-We support the expansion into Japan by incorporating the cultural background of Japan into our services and products.
-Through design research, we aim to identify the user's usage scene, reason, and purpose in addition to competition and market, and to understand the user's sense of values.
-By creating prototypes and design mockups, we support the localization of services and products by designing the optimal experience based on needs even for overseas users.
-Identify the user's usage scene and reason / purpose
-Understand user values
-Design the optimal experience for overseas users based on these situations
Bring your brand experience to the global
Globalize new brand experiences with digital and real
-Based on the background of providing localization and UX design to the brand, we will design the digital and real experience of the brand and create a global brand together.
-We will have a D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) mindset and design a brand experience for the global expansion of the brand.
-Clarify your brand's vision
-Create brand guidelines for domestic and overseas based on that vision
-Build online channels such as e-commerce sites and crowdfunding
-Create content for Millennials and Generation Z and distribute it on social media, etc.
-Collect user movements after release as data and make continuous improvements
Create the concept of the future
Create future concepts from the perspective of user values and changes in the world
-We will support you to come up with new service ideas that take into account the latest local business trends by making use of your knowledge of global business development.
-Through design research, collect and integrate user usage scenes, reasons, and purposes, and clarify the potential users of the target service.
-After grasping the latest service trends centered on overseas, define business issues that incorporate a global perspective, create concepts, and prototype.
-Through research, we collect and integrate user usage scenes and reasons / purposes, and raise user values for a certain object and problems related to that field.
-Predict the future after grasping the latest service trends, mainly overseas
-On top of that, we will come up with a concept that can solve the problem and make a prototype.
Verification of business ideas
Visualize the potential of business ideas and verify with prototypes
-We support the business creation of many domestic and overseas companies based on user-oriented service ideas.
-Through design research, we integrate user usage scenes, reasons for selection, and purpose, and define the value of business ideas from the user's perspective.
-By designing a new business and embodying and visualizing the core experience value with a prototype, it is possible to add the user's perspective and the experience value to the evaluation axis of the business.
-Through research, collect and integrate user usage scenes and reasons / purposes, and define the value of business ideas from the user's perspective.
-Define the specific usage scene of the user and the value of the product
-On top of that, make an idea of how to improve and perform prototyping.
-The experience value that is the core of the business idea is embodied / visualized with a prototype, and the user's perspective and the experience value are added to the evaluation axis of the business.



Other presentation

"Experience-specific advertising"
Fuse street culture, entertainment and technology such as music, fashion and art, and increase your fans with ads that exceed the expectations of Millennials and Gen Z.

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