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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:23

CommPlusBiz Co.,Ltd.

IT-related software and solutions. IoT

We are a team of Monozukuri artisans who work for others.
Utilizing our ability and experience in in-house development of IT-related software and solutions, we work with research and development of IoT, which we understand it to be things for people.


Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
1. Niigata University Bachelor Assessment System (NBAS)
2. X3 Virus Elimination/Air Purifier (provisional name)
3. ATOCARE futon cleaner
Overview of main products and technologies
1. Niigata University Bachelor Assessment System (NBAS)
• IT solution tailored for university education. It enables users to confirm ones’ status and make revisions/additions through this educational IT solution with which the status of study can be viewed and recorded by the university/guraduate school students and their teachers.
• Using reflection and portfolio management functions, students can download his/her portfolio files by clicking when graduating.
• Students, teachers, staff and administrators.
2. X3 Virus Elimination/Air Purifier (provisional name)
• “IoT” products produced by combining our software development technology and experience in Monozukuri craftsmanship.
• The product removes CO (carbon monoxide), influenza virus and Norovirus, as well as odor, pollen and PM2.5, which were previously considered not removable.
※ Patent pending
3. ATOCARE futon cleaner
• It is a cleaner developed specially for patients with atopic dermatitis or asthma to keep their futon and bed clean. There are products by famous R Company and D Company that resemble to our product, but it is meaningless to compare their performance with our product.
• We receive letters from atopic dermatitis and asthma patients expressing their gratitude after using the product. For this reason, we do not recommend this product to those not suffering from these diseases.
Message from the representative
We work hard toward valuable objectives.

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