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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:03

Hyakkaen Co.,Ltd.

Confectioneries, sables (biscuits), souvenirs, Niigata 

In this town, we have been making confectioneries through four generations. We tackle new challenges while preserving tradition.

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Overview of our business, products, technologies, and other details
Our business and characteristics
Koshi ni Mau (sable biscuits shaped like adult and baby birds) 

Kochi Kaze (East Wind)
Overview of main products and technologies
1. Koshi ni Mau (sable biscuits shaped like adult and baby birds), 850 yen + tax per case (manufacturer's recommended price) (volume: one parent + two little birds x 5 bags)

Characteristics: Japanese crested ibis from Sado, Niigata Prefecture succeeded in hatching their eggs. Dreaming that we will soon see some Japanese crested ibis soaring in the wide sky, we have created Sables with Parent and Little Birds, where one parent bird is accompanied with two little birds clinging to it. The compact package with a cute pink color contains five bags. Other packages come in ten or 15 bags. We recommend them as items most suitable as souvenirs from Niigata. Winner of the Special Awards Jointly Commemorating the Niigata City Souvenir Contest, 2004. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cocoa, vanilla beans, baking powder, salt

Other: In both the materials and process, we have stuck to our origin of confectionery making. We bake our products with a pure and exquisite kind of butter, high-quality wheat flour, natural salt, and other ingredients, under delicate temperature and time control.

With ten bags, 1,700 yen + tax; with 15 bags, 2,550 yen + tax

Production capacity: 2,000 bags per day

2. Kochi Kaze (East Wind), 2,940 yen + tax per case (volume: 12 pieces) 

Characteristics: The product is cooked soft without spoiling the flavor of its large-grained unripe plums, then wrapped with white bean paste, and impregnated with generous amounts of plum wine and brandy. Scoop up some unripe plums that feel as if they were melting, together with syruped white bean paste, eat them, and savor the acidic taste of the fragrant plums that match the high-class sweet taste wonderfully. It is a confectionery with a new feel.

Ingredients: Plums, white bean paste, egg yolk, sugar, plum wine, brandy 

Other: Six pieces, 1,500 yen + tax; 9 pieces, 2,210 yen + tax

Production capacity: 1,400 pieces per day
Message from the CEO and President
We tackle new challenges while preserving tradition.

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