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With an "ad hoc" spirit, we develop devices and equipment for our customers to contribute to the success of their business.

We plan, manufacture, and sell labor saving machinery. We provide comprehensive solutions for our customers' problems by offering made-to-order products and delivering exactly what our customers need (one-of-a-kind products).

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Sales Pitch

Introduction to our business
After discussing with our customer about the problems that need to be solved, our sales, design, and manufacturing departments put together their expertise to submit a plan and proposal for a machine that can solve the customer's problem.
Based on the plan and proposal submitted to the customer, we create a design blueprint for a machine.
All the details not discussed during the proposal phase will be made explicit during the design phase.
Based on the final design blueprint, we manufacture and assemble the machine.
We make all parts (including small ones) by ourselves, fine-tuning each one of them to bring the machine to perfection.
Even after the machine is installed at the customer's site, we offer reliable maintenance services (making adjustments or adding new functions to the machine) to ensure that our customer can continue to use the machine for a long time.
ECO, a garbage disposer that contributes to promoting a recycling-oriented society
ECO is a garbage disposer that utilizes the action of effective microorganisms (soil bacteria, etc.) to ferment food waste at a high temperature, transforming it into organic fertilizer.

No need for secondary fermentation
ECO mainly utilizes aerobic fermentation mediated by thermophiles.
Almost all organic substances get decomposed, making the resulting fertilizer ready for use without the need for secondary fermentation.
Fermentation at a high temperature
No auxiliary heater or hot air blower is used.
Heat generated through fermentation mediated by microorganisms is the only source of heat used by ECO, providing an energy-saving and safe way to quickly ferment food waste at a high temperature.
Fermentation at a high temperature (over 80 degrees Celsius) ensures that any weed seeds, bacteria, or pathogens get killed and decomposed, making the resulting organic fertilizer extremely safe.
Amino acid fertilizer
Fermentation by microorganisms creates fertilizer rich in amino-acid nitrogen, which produces sweet and healthy crops.
Product description
Vertical labeler
This machine attaches a label with information such as the product name and quantity printed on it to the lateral face of a stack of individually packed paper products.
Patent number: 1522331
Pallet feeding machine
A stack of pallets loaded onto this machine are automatically destacked and fed one by one into the machine.
Roll transfer machine
This machine transfers a roll from one conveyer to another.
Ink marking system
This machine counts the number of sheets cut out by a cutter and marks the edge of each sheet with ink.
Because it accurately counts the number of sheets, individual packages will contain an exact number of sheets.
Utility model number 31036195
Chipboard gluing line
This line destacks a stack of pallets, automatically glues chipboards to each pallet, and stacks them on top of one another.
Slat conveyor
This conveyor is used to transfer items such as pallets. The "turn" and "cross" types are also available.
Upon request from our customers, we also design and manufacture nets, belts, and buckets according to customers' specifications.

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