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Products related to freight handling areas and other factory facilities and swallow tents (large roof-shaped tents for meetings)

Founded in 1918, we are an excellent manufacturer of roof type tents for meetings. The Monozukuri spirit committed to detailed and careful finishing has been passed on across generations.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
We are also adept at planning, setting up of venues and operation of events, such as product preview by companies and sales promotional events. The planning and construction expertise that we have acquired in the field of outdoor advertisement, and the arrangement expertise and capabilities at sites that we use in the construction of membrane structure buildings. We have earned high reputations from customers holding events.
Overview of main products and technologies
1. Roof of freight handling area, other factory facility-related products
Using so-called “tent fabric” as the roof material, we produce large work spaces.  As with buildings, we design room arrangements suitable for the customer’s project site and eave heights suitable for the usage. The overall work flow is: From design, verification request, foundation work, steel frame work, roof membrane work to delivery. In addition, we have roofs for freight handling area with a caster, tent warehouse, passage roof, sheet shutter, partition curtain, anti-insect curtain, refrigerating sheet, machine sheet, and welding spark protection sheet.
2. Swallow Tent (roof type tents for meetings)
There are two merits of assembly-type “Swallow Tent,” which has a variation of 24 colors fabrics and transparent film for the room curtain. Such a variety is not comparable to offers by any other companies in Japan. Using the sewing techniques that have been passed on for 95 years at our factory, and based on feedback from our installation department, which have rich experience of installing tents at countless event venues, our products are produced sturdily. We have a track record in receiving many orders from all over Japan and have earned a reputation for being a manufacturer of high-quality roof-type tents for meeting.
Message from the representative
We work hard daily to realize our customers’ requests outlining “we need something like that!” We can respond with confidence as we have many years of experience in production and construction.

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