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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:56

TOYU Co., Ltd.

We promise to meet pricing, delivery, and quality through thorough quality management and cost reductions. Trust us with your special printing requirements.

In addition to commercial printing, we accommodate the requirements of our customers and propose special processed products in various ways using our creative originality and expertise.

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Introducing a number of types of special printing that we can handle.
Pouch Revolution: New service launched in the pursuit of value.
Our products are used to protect printed matter and provide enhanced strength. Pouch processing is used to seal paper, providing a number of advantages such as excellent waterproofing, ease to wipe off dirt, resistance to fingerprints so the printing surface does not become dirty, difficulty to bend, and longer lifespan.
We have achieved thorough quality management and cost reduction through integrated production in-house from printing to finished goods.

Examples of lamination: Menus, POP, posters, calendars, and photos.
UV printing
“UV printing” is a type of offset printing using UV curing ink.
In addition to printing on materials such as paper, we accommodate printing on special materials that are hard to dry, such as PP and PET.
We can accommodate tight deadlines through instant curing of the printed surface.
Lottery (crimp and scratch lotteries)
It is ideal for companies, organizations, and shopping streets that manage events.
Crimped raffle ticket (triangle raffle ticket) ideal for promotional campaign or event products
Our crimped raffle tickets (triangle raffle ticket) are crimped using UV varnish; therefore, they do not release toxic substances when incinerated and therefore it is an environmentally friendly product.
In addition, your hands will not get dirty with scratch raffle tickets. There are no scratch shavings. A scratch raffle ticket that is environmentally friendly.
Recommended for people who want new products for events or campaigns and for those who want to differentiate themselves from other companies with ready-made goods.

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