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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:50

Hirota Houkou Co.,Ltd.

We provide high-quality, reliable technology as a curtain sewing manufacturer.

We specialize in sewing curtains and other interior products. Since we started working on curtains for Austria in 1957, we have always tried to provide products that satisfy our customers based on our cultivated technical expertise and process control skills.

We make use of our extensive knowledge and experience in Monozukuri craftsmanship to develop products and make planning proposals based on ideas that only a sewing factory can offer.

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Sales Pitch

The challenge of stitchless curtains
We have introduced ultrasonic sealer and thermal press fitting equipment

Sleek finish and easy operation

[Shower curtains]
Issues with seams are solved
Clean even in damp places
Product development using shape memory machining equipment
[Shape memory pleats]

The pleated line will always be beautiful.
Beautiful pleats are created just by hanging the product, making the design stand out even more.

[Step shades]

The fabric of a plain shade is processed with shape memory to enable smooth lifting and lowering without folding wrinkles.

In addition, the stepped shade creates a sleek silhouette without a stiff feeling when folded up at the top.
Creaseless pleated curtains
[Wave pleats (Japanese Utility Model Registration 2004-2417)]
A flat style with no tucks is given shape memory processing to create beautiful, uniform waves.
Because of the shape memory, there is no need for setting. Just hang the product up to create beautiful pleats without the need for setting.

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