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For all kinds of printed circuit boards, please approach Shirato Printed Circuit Board Co., Ltd.

We are a specialist printed circuit board manufacturer. In addition to handling standard printed circuit boards such as single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered boards, we have a track-record in special printed circuit boards such as high heat-dissipation metal circuit boards, thick copper metal circuit boards, high-frequency-compatible circuit boards, UV-compatible circuit boards, and deep UV-compatible circuit boards (UV-LED).

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
Our company has been a specialist manufacturer of printed wiring boards and has been engaged in the development and manufacture of printed wiring boards for various fields for more than 50 years, having been founded in 1963, indicating that we have an extensive track record in trial manufacturing and mass production.
Our highly safe and reliable printed wiring boards, made by our company with a sense of pride and responsibility, are used for various purposes such as in industrial equipment, medical equipment, vehicles, communications, lighting, and electronic devices.
Overview of main products and technologies
<Metal base printed wiring boards> 
Features: Metal base thick copper foil (aluminum base, aluminum core, copper base, and copper core) in combination with multilayer/double-sided boards
Delivery track record: in-vehicle, LED, and other exothermic applications
<High-frequency-compatible printed wiring boards> 
Features: Fluorocarbon resin printed wiring board and printed wiring board with high-frequency-compatible material
Delivery track record: Mobile phone base stations, FWA antennas and RF modules, and milliwave radar modules.
<Thick copper printed wiring boards> 
Features: Used in high-current applications, mass production track record: 210 μ, prototype track record: 500 μ
Delivery track record: In-vehicle and power supply 
<Multilayer/double-sided/single-sided printed wiring boards> 
Features: Thin- and thick-board support (single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multilayer boards, and thick copper boards)
Delivery track record: construction, machine tools, medical machines, home appliances, industrial equipment, and in-vehicle
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
The various printed wiring boards made by our company are used for various purposes, such as in industrial equipment, medical equipment, vehicles, communications, and lighting and electronic devices.
You can trust Shirato Printed Circuit Board for various printed circuit boards, including single-sided, double-sided, multilayer and high-frequency compatible boards, high heat-dissipation metal circuit boards, and special printed boards.

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