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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:55


Creating advanced technology for precision metal stamping

We excel at manufacturing precision metal parts, mainly through press work, and designing and manufacturing precision metal press dies.

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[Materials and processing we can handle]
Materials we can handle
Stainless steel, bimetal, trimetal, cold-rolled steel sheets, nickel, cobalt alloy, aluminum, molybdenum, iron-nickel alloy, nickel silver, electromagnetic soft iron plate, pure iron, molybdenum rhenium, oxygen-free copper, deoxidized copper, brass, Monel, titanium, permalloy, nichrome alloy, phosphor bronze, tantalum, tinplate, beryllium copper, solder-plated brass, tin-plated phosphor bronze, nickel-plated stainless steel, clad materials, etc.

Press work we can handle
Cutting, profile punching, hole punching, bending, rounding, drawing, cutting and bending, edge cutting, notching, burring, embossing, cutting, release, forming, leveling, curling, groove cutting, line cutting, spatting, shaping, punching out, broaching, beading, ribbing, bulging, squeezing, compressing, projecting, coining, etching, press fitting, crimping, pawl forming, chamfering, lock seaming, etc.

Secondary processing we can handle
Lathing processing  (circumferential lathing, bore lathing, stepped lathing, stepped bore lathing, surface lathing, tapered lathing, longitudinal lathing, boring, bore surfacing, cutting out, concave cutting, tapping, grooving, thin chamfering, chamfering, counter-boring, paper polishing, etc.), welding (spot welding), hydrogen annealing, barrel polishing, baking (sintering), etc.

Other processing we can handle
Plating, chemical polishing (pickling = aqua regia treatment), steel heat treatment, machining of carbide parts for molds, tapping, etching, brazing, aluminum vapor deposition, coating, taping, etc.
[Owned equipment]
Mold manufacturing
Machining center, wire-cut EDM processing equipment, die-sinking EDM equipment

Press work
Large press machine, small press machine, single-function press machine

Secondary processing
Compact precision CNC lathing, hydrogen atmosphere continuous furnace, automatic cleaning equipment

Inspection and packaging
CNC image measurement system, factory microscope
[Examples of manufactured products]
Punching and bending processing
Parts for photomultiplier tubes, parts for mobile phones

Drawing (progressive) processing
Parts for mobile phone modules

Drawing (single-function) processing
Parts for various electron tubes

Coining processing
Parts for HDD voice coil motors

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