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Aqua Design Inc.

By utilizing TERAQOL®, which is the first technology of its kind worldwide and which originates from Japan (patent pending internationally), we provide products including various types of special mineral water, original functional water, functional products, and manufacturing equipment, in a one-stop manner.

Producing high-end products without requiring any business investment or production line change.
TERAQOL® is a new technology for transforming existing products into overwhelmingly high value-added products.
We will revitalize Japan by utilizing this world-first technology from the country.  

By utilizing TERAQOL®, which is a world first and which originates from Japan, we produce various functional products including high-concentration oxygen liquid, high-concentration oxygen oil, Oasis O2, various types of functional water, and supplements. Furthermore, we actively produce products under OEM contracts. 
Whenever needed, we develop new applications of the TERAQOL® technology. We are entering into the food business in which the technology is used for purposes such as preserving freshness.

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Description of business
TERAQOL® business
TERAQOL® is a technology for activating electrons that was developed in Japan. 
Its biggest features are to affect the atoms of all solid bodies and liquids so as to activate their electrons, and to maintain the activation effects for a long period. 
The technology enables the improvement of physical properties, characteristics, value for money, and the market value of companies' technologies as well as products and transforms them into those with the quality that rival companies cannot imitate and that meets market needs.
(1) TERAQOL® transforms your product into the world's only one product. 
(2) It produces high-end products without requiring any business investment or production line change. It will transform your products into overwhelmingly high value-added products that can beat rival products.
(3) It will transform your products into those that can be favored worldwide and contribute to your company's sales. By doing these, you can aim at your product becoming Japan's No. 1 product.
Food business
- Preservation of fresh food for a long period/SDGs/freshness retainers
- Producing new products from food residues/heated steam plants 
- Changing the quality of food oil/cost reduction/oil reforming apparatus
- Solubility improvement and activation of raw materials

Brand-new idea that utilizes Food Wave based on TERAQOL®. We provide services such as renting, leasing, and processing equipment. For details, please contact us. 
OEM business for functional water/products
Without having any manufacturing plant (fabless), your company can establish your own brand with the lowest cost.
Under an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) contract with Aqua Design Co., Ltd., we will accept orders for producing at least 100 products (a small lot) such as functional water, supplements, and cosmetics. The production processes include production, filling, and procuring bottles.


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