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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:12

Lunaire Co.,Ltd.

We are good at the planning and manufacturing of problem-solving products related to sleep.

We provide support and consulting in planning, design, manufacturing, and sales of problem-solving products for improving/modifying inconveniences/discontents in life situations using our technologies for creating bedding.

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We can address all your concerns with our bedding processing technology
Provides more comfortable sleep by reducing the burden on the body
In addition to bedding, we develop products aimed at reducing workload in housekeeping and for female workers. Loading and unloading futon is hard work. Our products are created by following the themes such as “Saving the time of working women” and “avoiding a situation where a working woman has to go to bed without sufficient time to dry her hair after taking a bath.”
Reduces the burden not only for humans
There are various issues with pets that live with us. There are requests for caregiving products
 that reduce burdens of such pets. Nursing care is needed for elderly pets as well. We think these small family members should live comfortably as well.
Beauty cannot be achieved unless the body is healthy.
Unless you become healthy inside of your body,
true beauty and health cannot be achieved. By providing quality sleep, we want to contribute to fatigue recovery, body cell regeneration, gene repairing, and memory improvement (i.e., dementia prevention) all in efficient manners and free of charge.



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