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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:10


In line with the evolving times, we cater to a wide range of requirements.

We provide cutting and mechanical repairs of machine parts. We primarily manufacture single items or small batches of medium- to large-sized products. We possess a large quantity of equipment, such as CNC horizontal boring machines, NC lathes with Y axes, and NC lathes combined with industrial robots, to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We are also looking for partners for starting up in the robotics business.

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Always making a leap forward with the times
Change industry with STEEL x IT
We offer services in response to customer requests, including the manufacture of a variety of parts, design and production of specialized machines, machine repair, and the manufacture of products using milling and lathe systems. Please feel free to send us an inquiry regarding delivery time and small-lot requests.

We are also looking for partners for starting up in the robotics business.
In line with the changing times
Even as needs have diversified with the changing times, there is no change in the demand for “low price,” “high quality,” and “quick delivery.”
We believe this can be realized by human equipment and human resources. To improve product quality and to be able to respond in a swift manner, on a daily level, we strive to create an in-house setup where equipment and work processes are organized on a regular basis, work processes and human resource development processes are reviewed periodically, and higher-quality products are created more efficiently.
Supporting all industries to meet a wide range of needs
Since being founded in 1912, we at Takeda Iron Factory Co., Ltd., have been developing our business by building trusting relationships with our customers. We receive requests for a variety of part processing, part manufacturing, and machine repairs.
Our strength lies in our technical capabilities and our flexibility in making proposals that meet the needs of our customers.
We study new technologies every day from a broad point of view, take on new challenges, and respond to the diverse needs of the changing times.
Although the products we make do not stand out in and of themselves, they are included in some of the latest industrial machines and robots.
We take pride in making products that are like the gears that move our era forward, and we conduct each of our processes carefully and surely.

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