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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:11

Noboriya Kobo Co.,Ltd.

We support our customers’ “thriving businesses”

We are a manufacturer of banners and flags. We propose various products to client companies who have issues with promotional goods and SP tools. We handle many products, from off-the-shelf products to made-to-order products.

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Sales Pitch

Planning and manufacture of various sales promotion products
“Nobori flag” can be used to call attention to all anything you want at supermarkets, car shops, Pachinko parlors, aesthetic salons, shrines and temples, in addition to restaurants. We design and manufacture various promotional materials, “Nobori flag” being our main product. The challenge for the development of sales promotional products is how to attract people’s attention. We work with research activities daily, based on ideas brought together by sales staff and designers.
Our strengths
They can respond immediately to original designs. Based on a requested design, our in-house designers make proposals with added value to create more effective promotional products in cooperation with the customer.

Production system
We conduct large-lot production at our dedicated factories in China, and produce made-to-order items at the factory in the HQ, which enables quick delivery. Our strength lies in our production system capable of responding to various needs with confidence. Our speedy responses help stores, who are the end user, to avoid losing any business opportunities, thus supporting their business prosperity.

Skilled technicians
Various fabric products, such as flags, curtains, Happi coat, are completed by skilled technicians. We will accurately complete even detailed works that may not be defined in the specifications by coordinating with persons in charge of preceding or subsequent processes.
Support your business with high-impact sales promotion products
We continue to create products in unprecedented shapes, such as flags with butterfly shapes, “air signs” that have a huge balloon shape and chalk-art-style design seals.

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