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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:40

Hokusei Products Co., Ltd.

Since our foundation in 1978, Hokusei Group has been expanding our business in Toyama as an affiliate of Nippon Light Metal Co, Ltd. 

Hokusei Products Ltd., engages in the planning and sale of aluminum products, and various package design products.
In recent years, we have focused on building a trading business that connects value between regions
by utilizing our long experience of aluminum material sales and our business bases in northern Europe, Hokkaido and Okinawa.


Sales Pitch

[Business description and features]
Sales of metals, such as aluminum, and metal processing products

We belong to Nippon Light Metal Group, and engage in the sale of metal materials, such as aluminum materials, and processed products.

With our corporate slogan of “connecting local values to the world,” we have domestic group companies and trade partners in Hokkaido, Kyoto prefecture and Okinawa prefecture, and overseas group companies in the US and Sweden, that engage in activities to solve customers’ issues individually and in cooperation with one another.

If you have any issues with materials and parts procurement or expanding BCP support to other areas, please feel free to contact us.
[Overview of our main products, technologies, goods and services, and examples of their uses]
Aluminum materials
 ⇒We handle our original aluminum extrusion materials, 
  high-purity aluminum, alumina, and aluminum hydroxide
  in addition to plate materials and wire materials.

Metalworked items
 ⇒We respond to your requests, from simplified punching to precision processing for semiconductor
  manufacturing machines by utilizing our network processing partners.
  Please consult with us about anything from trial manufacturing and high-mix low-volume production of mass production items to large-lot materials.

BCP supported
 ⇒We have offices in Hokkaido, Kyoto Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture, 
  and do business with other companies in these localities.
  If you are looking for measures to mitigate the risk of natural disasters and similar by diversifying your manufacturing sites, 
  please consult with us.