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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:57

Fine Art Kawabata Co.,Ltd.

Various types of tents, awnings, and stretched membrane ceilings

We make use of membrane materials to go beyond the tent framework to make articles that bring color and decoration to the city and protect people and things.

We develop and manufacture our own stretched membrane ceiling fiber sheet ceiling system.

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Products handled
Stretched membrane ceilings
A single sheet stretched over a wide area without any suspension material. The world's first stretched membrane ceiling that can beautifully create a ceiling without wrinkles or sagging!

Our patented technology allows us to attach a jig and pull the membrane material tight to stretch out the ceiling without any gaps.

We propose our unique fiber sheet ceiling system.
Splash-proof transparent sheets
Splash protection with transparent sheets.
These products can be used whenever and wherever they are needed, for PCR testing and with feverish outpatients.
Preventing condensation in warehouses
In winter, products in a warehouse often get wet due to condensation.
This is why we have taken measures to prevent condensation by stretching sheets over the entire area.