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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:58

Mitsudenshi Co.,Ltd.

"Passing the best baton to the future through manufacturing"

We run four core businesses: development and manufacture (ODM, OEM) of control devices, precision plastic injection molding, precision plastic mold making, and metal working. In our efforts to serve the needs of our many customers, we have incorporated the latest technologies such as AI and robots to automate production, and also focused our efforts on empowering and training our employees to become competitive workers capable of acting in a proactive manner.

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Business description
Development and manufacture of control devices
Health equipment such as massagers and magnetic therapy devices. LED lighting for exterior use (such as garages). Consumer electronics such as facial equipment. The development and manufacture of all these products require expert knowledge, skills, and experience. Development and manufacture of products often involve huge costs. We have our own competent manufacturing/development teams to deliver these products at reasonable costs. We can help you produce health equipment of your choice, whether in small batches or large volumes.
The history of Mitsudenshi begins with OEM (original equipment manufacturing). We started out by winding coils and conducting simple assembly inspection. Now, we take on OEM of control devices for power-operated gates and license plate recognition devices, to name just a few. You can count on us to deliver all types of control devices, ranging from simple to complex ones.
Precision plastic injection molding
Precision plastic parts are used in every FA device, sensor, connector, and terminal employed at factories around the world. These plastic parts are called "engineering plastics", which are required to satisfy stringent requirements for dimensional accuracy (with tolerances of +/- 0.01 mm) and external appearance quality (black dots not exceeding 0.1 mm3 in size). We offer high-quality plastic molding services that can satisfy every need of our customers. Our services are in fact highly appreciated by many of our customers in terms of quality, delivery time, and cost.
Precision plastic mold making
[Plastic molds for mass production]
As the most fundamental element in precision plastic mold making, molds play a crucial part in molding plastics into precise shapes that satisfy stringent requirements for appearance. The degree of completeness of the molds has a significant impact on the plastic molding process. We manufacture precision molds that can produce precision plastic parts that are identical in external appearances. We have partner factories in the country and affiliates overseas who are ready to help us produce molds that satisfy our customers' requirements in terms of cost, quality, and delivery time.
[Simple molds and prototype molds]
If you are worried about the cost of making molds and are looking for an easy way to make molds at low cost, we are here to help you. We can meet your needs by manufacturing molds in China where the cost of labor is low and by using aluminum to reduce the cost of materials. Molds made of aluminum are of course limited in terms of life and dimensional accuracy, but they are nevertheless easy to make and affordable.
Metal working
[Cutting, severing, and machining]
We can machine metal by using cutting machines. We have expertise in machining materials by rotating them, with the blade fixed in place. Machinable materials include iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.
Three reasons why our customers choose us
[Unit price] An average of 30% reduction in costs
We have production bases in Japan and China, where automated machines and jigs are used to achieve an average of 30% reduction in costs. We can realize cost reduction required by our customers while preserving the current quality levels.
<Keys to cost reduction>
(1) A production system that consists of two overseas and three domestic production bases
(2) Manufacture of products by using automated machines and jigs
[Quality] 99.99% non-defective rate
We have two ISO 9001-certified plants (Shikoku plant and Ushimado plant) and one IATF16949-certified plant (Kunshan plant), where global standard quality control is stringently implemented. All our plants have a system that ensures no defects are produced.
<Keys to high quality>
(1) Global standard quality control system
(2) Thorough traceability/inspection system
[Delivery time] 98.27% on-time delivery rate
We have our original management system for promoting improvement to prevent late delivery and shorten delivery time. If we promise our customers to deliver products by a specific time, it is only natural that we should keep that promise.
<Keys to on-time delivery>
(1) Global-standard production control system
(2) Our original management system