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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:41

FUKUDA Corporation.

New Service to Reduce Drum Cans and Care for the Environment

We provide a one-stop service for lubricants, from sales to storage, delivery, and collection. Each and every one of our employees is committed to doing something positive, one positive thing every day, for our customers from their respective positions under the slogan "Plus One More.” We aim to be a company that gives back to the local community and our customers.

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IBC Lorry Service
Selling Oil Measured On-site at Customers' Establishments
This service is a system in which a dedicated tank is installed at the customer's location free of charge, and engine oil is sold in the quantity needed. Previously, we used to sell in bulk using 200L drums and 20L pails, but now it is possible to sell by the liter. Also, not using drums and cans eliminates waste of resources and realizes cost reduction.
Managing Remaining Amount Systematically with Automatic Detection
The remaining liquid volume is measured by an automatic detection system installed in the tank. The major advantage of this system is that the remaining quantity is always systematically managed, eliminating the time and effort of checking and the fear of running out of stock. Also, by linking it with our internal customer management system, we can provide data on annual purchase volume and the average monthly usage, pleasing our customers.
Industrial Liquid Delivery Company
Looking to Partner with Companies Handling Industrial Liquids
We would like to apply the automatic residual quantity detection and delivery system that we have developed for our engine oil sales-by-measure service, which has been highly evaluated by our customers, to liquid delivery services used in all industries, thereby contributing to addressing labor shortages in various sectors.

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