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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:38

Nanwa Lath Co., Ltd.

Development and Manufacture of Metal Lath, Ventilation Lath, and Lath Wire Mesh

As a specialized manufacturer of metal lath, Nanwa Lath manufactures and sells a wide range of metal lath, from standard flat lath and corrugated lath to ventilation lath, special lath such as diamond lath, rib lath, and custom-made lath.


Sales Pitch

Manufacture of Metal Lath, Ventilation Lath, Diamond Lath, and Various Other Wire Mesh
Diamond Ventilation Lath
It is diamond lath bonded with waterproof paper by hot-melt application and is intended for the wall ventilation method. Previously, we glued lath and waterproof paper linearly, but we improved it by gluing it in dots. With this change, the mortar seeps through to the back of the lath without hollows, successfully minimizing cracks in the mortar, which is common with the mortar used in the wall ventilation method.

In addition, the lath section of our diamond ventilation lath boasts 850 g/m2, which exceeds the 700 g/m2 defined by the Japan Housing Finance Agency or the 800 g/m2 of JASS15-101 of the Architectural Institute of Japan. Furthermore, ribs are placed at 150 mm intervals on the diamond lath to secure sufficient wall thickness with the mortar, making it the highest quality ventilation lath. 
Rib Lath
In this product, the metal lath is sandwiched from both sides with 1.6-mm ribs and spot welded at the intersection of the ribs. The addition of ribs increases the strength of the mortar wall. The ribs minimize cracks, while the metal lath minimizes hair cracks. The steel plates and ribs which the metal lath is made of are hot-dip galvanized to provide corrosion resistance and long-term protection for the house.
Diamond Lath
The diamond lath has a distinctive oblique mesh pattern. When plastering mortar, the weight of the mortar causes the mortar to seep through to the back of the lath without excessive pressure applied with a trowel, thus integrating the lath and mortar. This product has high anti-peeling and earthquake resistance performance.

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