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We are a company that protects people and packages.

We are actively engaged in BCP, disaster prevention and reduction measures, and countermeasures for blackouts to protect people and their belongings.
BCP measures and risk assessments help you to save people.  To protect people and things that are important to us

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To protect people and luggage ... now
S・G・B (Safety Gate Box)
S.G.B Safety Gate Box is a system that protects people and materials during conveyance and storage in warehouses, factories, retail stores, and other places. It was designed with consideration for work efficiency on forklift trucks, enabling companies to take safety measures for their workers, and preventing carried loads from falling or toppling. As S・G・B (Safety Gate Box) protects products from damage, we recommend its use for BCP, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation measures. Since it does not require a power supply, it can be used as part of blackout measures as well. It is a new environmentally friendly system that “protects people and materials.”

The difference between our product and products from other companies is that the rack itself has a gate that opens and closes according the weight of the carried load, enabling employees to work without getting off of the forklift. Also, because there is no need for a power source, we believe it will help with responding quickly to infrastructure problems in disaster situations.
Disaster prevention measures that everyone should consider
Do not get infected nor spread the infection. “One for all, all for one.”
Perhaps many people are realizing now what a huge problem it would be if logistics were to halt.  Your company could cause inconvenience to everyone, including employees, bereaved families, customers, and affiliates. There are no excuses when it comes to safety measures. Act now, for the lives that can be saved and the disasters that can be mitigated.
Logistics maintenance: awareness reform
Consultations and inquiries regarding BCPs, disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and safety measures
Pallet rack vibration test video:
Forklift accident video:
“Protection for people and packages”
A BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is a plan that SMEs can use to protect their company and continue employing their staff by quickly recovering and continuing their core business in the event of an emergency. A BCP also allows for the value of the company to be improved by increasing trust from customers and business partners. 
A BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is often thought to be difficult for SMEs to carry out. However, we believe that it is precisely because firms are SMEs that it is important to prepare in advance for surviving in an emergency. Please take this opportunity to work on a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for your company.
What you can do now to keep using logistics
Don’t you find this dangerous? Some people have died in this type of accident. We think there are many companies that have realized the importance of logistics during the time of the novel coronavirus. In warehouses, factories and retail stores, one can often see packages stored in high-stacks. However, there is no legislation regarding high-stacking. Earthquakes are not the only time where fatal industrial accidents occur. Corporations have a duty to consider safety, and could be subjected to civil or criminal liability. BCP for people’s lives, which are more important than money, for the lives that can be saved, and for the disasters that can be mitigated. We carry out risk assessments and promote disaster accounting.
We developed S・G・B (Safety Gate Box) to protect corporations and employees around the world from natural disasters and occupational accidents.
We are looking for companies who would like to work with us through a sales/manufacturing agent (licensee) contract.
Let’s take a step forward to protect the people and things that we value.



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