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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:06

Hokusei Products Co.,Ltd.

A total trading company for aluminum packages

[Tradition and performance]
The group as a whole has been handling aluminum for more than 40 years, and has built up trust with a proven track record of supplying goods to pharmaceutical manufacturers for more than 20 years.
Supply is stabilized by having multiple bases and partner factories in Japan and overseas.
[Flexible network]
Our main business is aluminum packaging, but we are flexible in terms of what we can offer when responding to customer orders and concerns

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Metals field
High-purity aluminum
The Hokusei Group Co., Ltd. has been involved in the distribution of aluminum for more than 40 years as a distributor for Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd., supplying products to numerous customers.
At our company, Hokusei Products Co., Ltd. we have established a high-purity aluminum support center, and we handle everything from small lots of high-purity aluminum in all manner of shapes with an aluminum purity of 99.9%–99.999% based on our customers’ requirements.
Package field
PTP packaging
[Aluminum foil]
We fully use the network we have built in the aluminum industry for around 40 years to supply the best aluminum to our customers.
In addition, we support barcode printing of RSS codes for aluminum foil used in PTP packaging.

[Molded sheets]
We handle PVC, CPP, COC, and A-PET sheets. We are able to handle multiple grades; therefore, please feel free to contact us.
Laminate film
[Standard and special aluminum types]
For standard aluminum types, we can provide packaging standards that match the form of the product or packaging line. Standard bags and rolls, as well as aluminum, can be attached to various resins and paper.
For special aluminum types, we can provide products that support pinholes and cracks.

[Transparent and highly moisture-proof type]
We can design products so that the product itself is visible while still having a barrier that protects it from moisture. You can also use a metal detector because the foil is not made from aluminum. This reduces costs and waste compared with aluminum foil type. Among the packaging materials that we offer, silica deposition film is transparent and provides an excellent barrier. In addition, this type exhibits excellent chemical resistance.
Large bag making/digital printing
[Bag making]
Various laminate rolls are processed into bags and delivered.
Width, pitch: We can also offer large bags of 1,000 mm or larger. Feel free to make an inquiry with us about large bags, such as large transport bags and bags for industrial material.

[Digital printing]
With digital printing, we can print at lower cost, in smaller lots, and offer more varied printing than is possible with gravure printing.
We can support bag making, aluminum rolls, shrink labels, and clear files.
Industrial materials field
Protective tape
[Protective tape]
We sell protective tape for protecting metals and nonferrous metals. We protect the surfaces of important products from being scratched during processing, shipping and storage.
We propose the optimal products for our customers, in terms of the adherents, materials, temperature conditions, and dimensions.
Paper container
We handle various cardboard products such as sheets, boxes, and rolled cardboard.
We can support a wide range of customer requirements from thin to high-strength cardboard, and from ultrasmall lots to large lots.

We handle furniture for exhibitions, displays, and sales promotions.
Anticorrosion measures
[Antirust film]
We offer antirust film that protects your important products from rust. We can provide everything from rolls to bag products and sheets in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
In addition, with our antirust agents and gas vapor barrier bags, we provide items that protect products that require long-term storage, such as repair parts and shipping parts, from rust.