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-We are proud of the technology and experience that have been nurtured for 88 years since our foundation-

The Shikata Group is constantly responding to new needs of clients and providing value. By utilizing precision press processing technology, we produce and provide LCD (liquid crystal display)-related parts for automobiles, PCs, and mobile terminals, which comply with clients' needs, for China and other countries in a worldwide scale. We also design and manufacture customized hinges. Thanks to our own technology, our hinges can move as visualized by clients, and we assist our clients in manufacturing products whose value can truly be realized. By solving clients' issues, we create new value.

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Precision press processing and insert molding
Ranging from electronic equipment to on-vehicle equipment! We stably produce high-quality pressed parts!
We have automated the production of various parts ranging from ultra precision electronic equipment parts, the size of which must be accurate in the order of microns, to automobile-related parts, which must be highly reliable. The automated production has enabled us to stably produce high-quality pressed parts.   
In addition, we mass-produce thin-walled insert-formed articles to meet requirements for the monolithic molding of sheet metal and resin which is performed for narrowing the bezels of smartphones and laptop PC displays.
For smartphones and laptop PCs, we are able to thinly form SUS plates (t = 0.1) and AL plates (t = 0.2), respectively.
Torque hinges
We develop, design, and manufacture hinges that satisfy clients!
By basically utilizing precision metal processing technology, we develop, design, and manufacture hinges that satisfy the specifications requested by clients. 
Thanks to the utilization of sophisticated analysis technology, development periods can be shortened, and our multi-axis hinges enable equipment bodies to be moved in a complex manner.
Our "hinge products", which are components of electronic equipment such as laptop PCs, have been developed to lead new fields.
We deal in a variety of hinges including double-axis hinges that allow laptop PC displays to rotate by 360 degrees.
We are able to design and produce a wide range of unit parts!
Shikata Co., Ltd. is able to assemble products in various fields such as on-vehicle equipment, information equipment, assemblies, and linear guides.
-On-vehicle equipment: We apply tape to parts in a class 10,000 cleanroom to thoroughly eliminate foreign objects. 
-Assemblies: We are able to perform all processes ranging from design to production and assembly.
-Linear guides: They have passed endurance tests 10 million times.
Trading business
We handle a wide range of products ranging from electronic parts to automation equipment and devices!  
Shikata Co., Ltd. handles a wide range of products ranging from electronic parts to automation equipment and devices! 
Electronic parts: We are able to perform processes ranging from production to assembly of various electronic parts.
-LCD lights (for indicators and switches)
-LED modules (for relays)
-LCM units
-FPC (flexible printed circuits) 
Automation equipment and devices: We design and produce various types of automation devices, such as those for printing, packaging, assembly, and inspection, which meet clients' requirements. 
-Insert molding component feeders
-Automatic packing machines
-FPC/PCB alignment devices



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