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Latest update: 17/08/2022 14:16:48

Tochigi Seiko Co.,Ltd

We are looking for a cooperative company who helps us to expand our products worldwide since we have just started the direct business with the overseas customer.

Tochigi Seiko is well known as an OEM manufacturer of injection needles, catheters, tube processing products, and permalloy over 70 years in Japan. Our uncompromised product quality is highly evaluated in the market as Made by Tochigi Seiko.  

Since its foundation in 1948, several precision pipes manufactured by Tochigi Seiko Co., Ltd. have adopted VTR, OA equipment, analytical equipment, gas equipment, and measurement instruments in various industries.
Significantly, our many single-use medical products consisting of sterilization processes, with the recent progress in the medical industry and others, have been evaluated as "High-quality products based on certain manufacturing technologies" from home and abroad.

Additionally, due to the recent year's stable demand for various sensors and magnetic shielding (magnetic shield) components, soft magnetic metals like Permalloy are becoming essential items incorporated in such precious sensors.

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Sales Pitch

Sales of medical products, catheters, soft magnetic materials and SUS tube products.
Scarlet needle
This needle is used mainly for cosmetic surgery.  
To inject such high viscosity fluid like Silicon acid or hyaluronic acid smoothly, we can offer prefilled syringe with an extra fine needle.   A needle can improve work efficiency in cosmetic surgery and prevent accidents when liquid transfers from the bottle.
Other medical devices
1. CV Port dwelling needle
The blade part is easy to be attached to the surface of the patient's body.  A guiding tube and clump are adopted to prevent chemical liquid from flowing or delusion, and by puncturing the injection needle to the tube, it becomes easy to administer other chemical liquid. 
0.7mm, 0.9mm, and 1.1mm of the outer diameter of the needle tube are available

2.  Tanaly Navigate (Non-sterile) 
It is an instrument to insert the medical material into the patient's body(ex. An anti-adhesion film) through the trocar. 
*The instrument is economical since it is made of all stainless and can be re-sterilized. 
*The material can be caught by the trocar certainly. 
*The instrument can be disassembled easily for easy sterilization.

3. Y Connector Peace and MIC Connector Trinity 2
Y-Connectors for catheter therapy developed with doctors in neurovascular surgery.   The product is used for other surgery like CAS, and Trinity 2 can reduce the friction of several catheters as much as possible.  (NOT AVAILABLE NOW)
Permeable soft and magnetic alloy(Permalloy)
Permalloy is a special alloy that improves performance by magnetic annealing and adopts for censors of aircraft, analyzers,  bending machines, or shielded rooms. The material supports miniaturization and high performance of electric devices and energy-saving technology in modern society.



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