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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:46

FXC Inc.

We support comfortable communication in the future with network equipment.

As a company that plays a role in IT solutions, we are developing our businesses based on our advanced technological capabilities, from development, manufacturing, and sales to maintenance of fiber-optic communications equipment and network equipment. Through these businesses, we are contributing to the development and spread of telecommunications network infrastructure, as well as the diversification, acceleration, and facilitation of communications methods.

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LightEdge Series (WDM+OTN)
These advanced optical communications devices are designed to maximize the potential of existing optical-fiber infrastructure.

Our LightEdge series products are compactly designed to fit in any installation space or environment, and provide two-way communication over a single optical fiber. In addition to flexible and scalable module configurations, our WDM solutions are equipped with highly secure operation and management functions.

Our company's optical communications technology expertise includes several patented technologies in optical transmission (photonics) and data communication (networks). This enables us to provide easy-to-manage WDM products that are essential for building high-speed metro area communications infrastructure.
LEX3881-2F (Ethernet OAM-compatible 1000BASE-X/10GBASE-R (SFP/SFP+) media converter)
Our LEX3881-2F is a media converter that supports Ethernet OAM, and is equipped with Link OAM/CFM OAM functions.

It is the world's smallest (*1) media converter that supports Ethernet OAM.

The LEX3881-2F has operation, management, and maintenance functions on Ethernet networks, such as monitoring the status of lines connecting adjacent devices, monitoring connection failures between multiple devices, measuring throughput, frame loss and frame delay, and providing high cost performance and stable transmission quality through easy identification and isolation of failure factors.

In addition, the Dying Gasp function provides remote notice of power outages and other power supply disruptions, which enables a quick response in the event of a failure.

(*1) As of April 18, 2018, for Ethernet OAM-compliant standalone gigabit media converters. According to our own research.

The LEX3881-2F won the Special Jury Award in the Enterprise IT category at the Interop Tokyo 2019 Best of Show Award.

The Best of Show Award was given to outstanding products at Interop Tokyo 2019 after a rigorous screening process by ICT industry experts.
FXC9432 (10-gigabyte uplink L3 stackable switches)
The FXC9432 is a routing stackable switch with management functionality, featuring 24 10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45 ports, 4 RJ45/1G SFP slots, and 4 1/10GBASE-R SFP+ ports.

It supports a variety of routing protocols and IPv6 routing, and functions as a core switch for small but increasingly complex networks such as multicast routing.

In addition to port-based VLAN, it supports IEEE 802.1Q tag VLANs, protocol-based VLANs, and voice VLANs. It also has 802.1x authentication functionality for security, and can flexibly support a variety of network environments such as hotels, offices, condominiums, and schools.

The 10G ports on the front panel can also be used to stack up to four hardware devices, enabling port expansion and highly fault-tolerant network construction.

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