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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:48

Daiwadenki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Design, development and manufacturing of motors, and inspection/repair of motors.

Please trust us with the maintenance of machine tool motors and facilities.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
We can flexibly accommodate the maintenance of motors for machine tool facilities.  We work quickly and flexibly according to the operating conditions of different machine tool facilities. We will visit the client within two days of their first contact, and we offer responses that suit the diagnosis and situation. 
Overview of main products and technologies
Today, we conduct electric installation of generators, production of motors and generator prototypes, and manufacturing of organic waste treatment machines, in addition to repairs. However, the true passion of our previous president was our repair work.  We have inherited his passion, and we are striving to become your factory doctor through our repair work. Our mission is to diagnose the health of motors and watch over their long lives.  One cannot predict accidents and disasters.  Truly, preparation is key to preventing worry. Our company is small but flexible and agile. 
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
The main business of our company is the design, development and manufacturing of motors for machine tools, and the inspection/repair of motors. Through the teamwork that we have built up over many years, the work is conducted in "total harmony". Needless to say, there are no "overwork, waste, or inconsistency" at all.  We will make fine adjustments based on the making evaluations of bounce by hand. Naturally, safety first is our guiding principle.  Accordingly, the fact that accidents and injuries are very rare is another source of pride for us. 
Moreover, we invent and produce our own tools.  The most important thing is for the tools to fit users' hands.  Together with our technical staff, we have reached mastery of our tools.  While the task of connecting each line feels endless, it eventually brings life to the motor.  We produce perfect products individually, as though we are caring for our own children. 
We will continue to make progress toward the company's prosperity and contribute to the local community through cooperation between management and all members of staff, individual effort, and teamwork among the workers. 

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