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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:38

Japan Clean Plant Co.,Ltd.

Creating Environmentally Friendly Products

Our company is a manufacturer specialized in well water unit coolers, unit heaters, and heat exchangers. We developed our main product, the well water unit cooler, based on the concept of "cooling with well water." It is an environmentally friendly product that uses natural energy. While the conventional mainstream unit heaters use steam, some recent unit heaters use water heated by biomass boilers as a heat source. Furthermore, we are increasingly receiving requests to design and manufacture heat exchangers to recover and utilize waste heat from factories.

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Well Water Unit Cooler
Using well water (underground water) for cooling can reduce the electricity bill by about 90%. Our company offers eco-friendly well water unit coolers that are useful for saving energy in factories and are also suitable to counteract extreme heat. The air-blowing temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, but unlike offices, it feels cool enough in factories and warehouses.

[Seven Advantages of Well Water Unit Coolers]
1. Air conditioning equipment using groundwater as a heat source (non-fluorocarbon)
2. Reduces electricity bill by about 90% compared to air conditioners
3. No exhaust heat because there is no outdoor unit
4. Dehumidification is possible
5. In winter, the unit works as a heater using hot water
6. Allows for secondary use of wastewater
7. Can be used in explosion-proof areas
Unit Heater
Our unit heaters are air conditioning equipment for large spaces such as factories and warehouses. The heater uses steam and hot water heat energy for heating instead of the commonly used electricity, kerosene, and gas. It is an eco-friendly product that helps factories save energy.
Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger is a device that indirectly heats or cools the gas (air) outside by passing steam, hot water, cold water, heat medium oil, etc., through it. We offer a one-stop service for selection, design, and manufacturing according to your requirements and specifications, including usage and design conditions.

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