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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:01

Gongwell Service Co.,Ltd.

We are a group of professionals specializing in translating patent specifications, manuals, and websites!

We have a track record in providing technical translation services such as instruction manuals and patent specifications to most leading electronics, machinery, and chemical manufacturers in Japan.
We have also translated Web pages, contracts, MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets), company brochures, proposals, pamphlets, and other business documents as well as scientific papers of all volumes into English, Chinese, and Korean.
We place the utmost importance on good communication skills and quick responses to flexibly respond to the circumstances and needs of our customers.

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Over 20 years of experience in translating patent specifications, manuals, and websites
Our company's translation of patent specifications
We have extensive experience in translating documents for leading manufacturers in the fields of machinery, electronics, automobiles, IT, and chemicals!
We have received orders for translating a total of over 30,000 pages (assuming 400 Japanese characters per page) of documents from patent offices across the country since our foundation over 10 years ago.
In addition to English translations for U.S. patent applications and PCT applications, we also provide patent application translations into Chinese and Korean, and for various other countries, by collaborating with local translation companies specializing in patent translations as well as local patent offices.
Please consult us if you need patent documents translated into languages other than English, Chinese, and Korean.
We can also deliver a translated document to you as a Trados project file or in other formats at your request.

We stress the importance of understanding the original text when translating documents.
We often encounter translated patent documents in which the translator clearly misunderstood the true intention of the original text, which went unnoticed by a checker who only checked for grammar and obvious errors using a translation tool or Word's spelling and grammar check tools. At first glance, the translated document appears to be of good quality, so even the customer fails to recognize the mistranslation.
For example, in our company, Japanese documents are usually translated into English by a translator who is a native English speaker. The translated document is checked by a Japanese checker, who then asks the translator to correct any mistranslations found in the document and resubmit the corrected translation. This process is repeated to improve the accuracy of the translation.
Our company's translation of manuals
We have extensive experience in translating documents for leading electronics and machinery manufacturers in Japan!
Translation of manuals (instruction manuals), along with translation of patent specifications, have been our core businesses ever since our foundation.

We have received a great number of orders from leading electronics and machinery manufacturers in Japan since our foundation over 10 years ago, with the total number of pages translated amounting to over 38,000 (assuming 400 characters per page).
If you have in-house translators but the volume is too large to meet your deadline, if want a one-stop service because you have multiple languages, or if you want us to handle everything from DTP to editing, we will consider your priorities in terms of delivery, quality, and price, and propose an optimal solution.

We can also handle translations where the original text is in formats such as Illustrator, InDesign, and FrameMaker.
We can provide text delivery of the translation only, or editing only of a provided translation.
Our company's website translation
We have extensive experience in translating websites in English, Chinese, and Korean!
Since our foundation, we have been involved in translating Web pages for all kinds of industries because we have received a great number of orders from website production companies to translate their existing Japanese websites.
Many of our customers want to create Web pages in English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), and Korean, but we also take on orders for translating Web pages into other languages, so please consult us.
In particular, translation into Chinese or Korean is done by native-speaker translators who live in those countries. For example, they can accurately translate information about goods available only in Japan by using expressions understandable to the local people.

We rewrite and summarize the Japanese text as necessary!
Our customers often ask us to translate the entire contents of a Japanese website into another language, which can amount to several dozen to hundreds of pages.
This incurs considerable costs and requires a vast amount of time just to get the translation part of the work done, without even taking into account the coding work. In such cases, depending on the customer's request and consultations, we can offer helpful solutions by proposing to translate only the necessary parts of the original Japanese text, or create rewrites or summaries before translation.

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