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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:06

Sanyo Rubber Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We are specialists in rubber scouring.

Sanyo Rubber Co., Ltd., as a specialist in rubber scouring, makes full use of its research and development, mixing design, scouring technology, and mixing technology, to provide optimal materials for the customers’ requirements. By acquiring ISO9001, we are putting our efforts into quality management and customer satisfaction.


Sales Pitch

Expertise cultivated so far
Industry-leading rubber compounding technology
Our company has accumulated data on more than 1,000 compounds, which is the cornerstone of our work, and has approximately 1000 varieties of raw materials, which gives us confidence in our rubber compounding technology.
This is backed up by our ISO9001 certification. ISO are international standards that realize improved customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of quality management systems by guaranteeing quality for products and services. Even among the ISO standards, ISO 9001 allows the benefits of the quality management system run by the customer to be enhanced, and the system improvement points are noticeable.
Our rubber design technology is currently used to provide even safer base isolation in preparation for large earthquakes.
Able to offer composition adjustment proposals that better suit the customer requirements
Since our founding in 1951, we have specialized in rubber scouring.
To date, we have accumulated compound design and scouring technology for more than half a century as a scouring manufacturer of rubber products that are used in all manner of industries, delivering products to various fields.
We respond to the various needs of our customers, by such measures as improving parts performance and reducing costs using our accumulated data on more than 1,000 compounds and our approximately 1,000 varieties of raw materials, which are the cornerstone of our compound design.
We will continue to respond to our customers’ requirements in the future, providing stable delivery of high-quality products on a platform of research and development into highly functional, high-performance rubber, as a specialist rubber scouring manufacturer.
Outstanding accessibility
We are located on the east side of Kawaguchi City, which is adjacent to the northern part of the 23 wards of Tokyo. We are in an environment with an extremely convenient transportation, having a plant that is near expressways (Shuto Expressway Kawaguchi Route, Tokyo Gaikan Expressway, and Tohoku Expressway). Also, we are about an hour (in normal traffic) by car to Oifuto on Tokyo Bay and have easy access to the whole Kanto area. Therefore, we can rapidly respond to customer requests.