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Amazing Ankh Co., Ltd.

Creating human resources through the "Soul, Beauty and Body" beauty method

We use the "Total Balance Beauty" method that combines the perspectives of hairdressers, aestheticians and certified psychologists with the theory of Eastern medicine and the power of plants such as herbs and aromatherapy, to pursue the theme of "human resource creation" that realizes women's potential. Moreover, we continue to explore methods that focus on natural materials and "coexistence with the Earth," which is an objective of the SDGs.

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Sales Pitch

Our original health beauty method and products with Hokkaido Haskap extract
Our original method and products with Hokkaido Haskap extract
[Steps in product development]

Due to comments from elderly customers who say the herbal essences (herbal medicine) that are expensive today "used to grow in our backyard," and questions from foreign customers who ask "why don't you use herbs from Hokkaido?," the fact that local products from Hokkaido are not properly used in the beauty industry has been bothering us for some time. 
Therefore, we have been continuously developing beauty lotions, shampoos and treatment products that are based on our unique preparations/recipes and use blue honeysuckle as an ingredient, following the principle of total balance beauty.  The blue honeysuckle we use as an ingredient is supplied by George Farm in Naganuma-cho, Hokkaido, and we commission manufacturing to Belle Coeur Laboratory in Sapporo City.

By utilizing agriculture, commerce and industry collaboration subsidies and crowdfunding for development and product marketing, we have managed to move from trial manufacturing to commercialization. 

We are currently searching for business partners for mass production and looking into sales network expansion for these products. 
Awards and media publications
[Awards and achievements/media exposure]

Featured in the opening article of Arbeit Hokkaido on October 23, 2017.
Featured in the "Ano kigyoka ni aitai" section of Zaikai Sapporo in September 2019.
Also in September 2019, "Hidden effects of beauty salons - Positive changes in mood and increases in positivity through the use of beauty salons," which was a piece of graduate research conducted by a team from The Open University of Japan, was featured in the program from BS231/Hokkaiko Learning center. It was also presented at the Citizen's College of Hokkaido in October of the same year. 
Featured in the "Ano kigyoka ni aitai" section of Zaikai Sapporo from September 2019.
Featured in a program about the Hokkaido Area made by BS Open University of Japan.
Our agriculture, business, and blue honeysuckle product industry collaboration were featured in an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
Our agriculture, business and industry collaborative blue honeysuckle product business was featured in a program made by FM North Wave (AIR-G). 
Introducing our original method with an e-book "Total Balance Beauty Textbook"
E-Book "Textbook for Total Balance Beauty"


It is a beauty method that uses the "head" to let women be clean, beautiful, and themselves, both inside and outside. 
The “head” comprises the exterior, such as hair and scalp, that needs to be cared for, and the interior, such as the mind and soul, and “head” therefore incorporates approaches from both the inside and the outside. 
Through these approaches, we work toward a "beauty" that flows outwards from the inside, instead of being just on the surface.

"Beauty" obtained in this way will stay attractive regardless of age and gives greater self-confidence. 
It makes women feel more positive and creates a positive feedback loop, in which they become even more attractive as a result of being positive. 

If you are having an issue with your scalp or your hair, perhaps your body or soul is sending you an SOS even if you are not aware of it. 

The author is an experienced specialist who has been dealing with "beauty" for 25 years as a hairdresser and aesthetician.
Moreover, she studied psychology to take care of the connection between the soul and beauty. 

"Total Balance Beauty" synthesizes the three perspectives of hairdresser, aesthetician and certified psychologist with 
the theory of balance in Easter Medicine and the power of plants, such as herbs and aromatherapy.

For Total Balance Beauty–
1. Decorative beauty: Expression of one's true self through hair style and makeup. 
2. Material beauty: Thorough balancing of the basis (hair, skin, body) of true beauty. 
3. Consciousness for beauty: Offering ideas for an energetic, fun and happy life. 
– These three concepts are its pillars. 

At the author’s salon, the following services are offered. 

We analyze the style that suits each customer through the theories of the facial golden ratio and personal colors,
and through required haircutting and hair coloring. We focus on using low-stimulation shampoo and coloring materials. 

We propose scalp care and beauty treatments that build hair and skin 
based on the power of plants, such as herbs and aromatherapy, and the balance of the body in Eastern Medicine, 
and we provide a beauty service that works through all five senses.

Moreover, we emphasize counseling and planning through dialogue 
to ensure a good match between these services for each customer. 

"The Textbook of Total Balance Beauty" shares this expertise without reservation. 

Why did the author want to share this expertise widely with the world?
Because she had to explain the following three points so many times in her daily work, 
that she felt they should be included in compulsory education. 

As more women advance in society and become more active, 
there are more and more women who are experiencing troubles with their hair and skin due to the skin sensitivities and allergies that are caused by stress and overwork. 
But the knowledge of how to use beauty treatment and products in a way that suits each person is not being taught.

We have longer lifespans, and there are more opportunities for women to work after raising children, 
but knowledge about the changes in the body that are caused by decreased levels of female hormones is not taught.

There are many cases where people believe advertisements uncritically before trying to solve the skin sensitivity problems they face
and end up worsening their situation using beauty treatments and strong products that do not match their personal conditions.

As a result, 
If a person feels vaguely unwell, not only will their medical expenses increase,
but it also does not allow their potential to be fully realized. The author felt that this is an issue that makes the contemporary issue of labor shortages even worse. 


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