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Latest update: 20/05/2020 20:00:08


VR training system development using high-quality 3DCG

The company creates VR safety training (risk experience), VR manual, etc. VR is efficient because it does not depend on the time and place. VR provides a sense of immersion and uniform content that makes for an effective training system.

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VR safety education system
Suppressing unsafe behavior through realistic experiences
Nothing beats learning from experience. However, we cannot learn about an accident after actually experiencing it. VR enables you to experience a real accident that you feel as having met yourself, not as someone else's experience in classroom lectures.
Efficiency and homogenization using VR
If you have VR equipment, you can do it anywhere, regardless of whether it is at a local site or a sales office. This makes it possible to provide a uniform level of education without being impacted by the level of the instructor.
Scenarios unique to VR
We use CG to reproduce your work process. A fall accident on a stepladder in the warehouse. Accident while operating a forklift. Fall from construction scaffolding. Accident at a repair shop. We realistically reproduce various scenes.
VR training (VR manual)
Training efficiency
Wearing a VR headset puts you in the scene. You can learn how to operate the latest equipment only available in the factory. You can be trained in a meeting room without an actual machine. This enables you to experience in advance problems that must not occur during operation. You can learn in advance the operation of the latest equipment that is under development. VR also enables you to learn how to respond in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.
AR/MR work support



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