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We provide total support for the development of automatic control systems.

Our company designs controls for automatic control systems, designs software programs, and produces boards.
We mainly design and manufacture inverter and servo system control boards.
We offer proposals for control systems with various uses.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
Although our company is small, we team up with specialists of various fields and have established a system that enables us to respond to numerous requirements, providing total support.
From decision until execution, we work based on a motto of speed, care, and flexibility. We strive to be a company that continues to be trustworthy and pleasing to our customers, 10 or even 20 years in the future.
<Business content>
Selling various electrical/electronic devices and related parts
Designing and manufacturing automatic control panels
Designing and developing automatic control sequencer software and PC software
General electrical construction
Designing and manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment
Designing and manufacturing various sheet metal and processed products
Harness processing
Overview of main products and technologies
1. System design
Automatic control of electric circuits: We use CAD to draw outline drawings, control circuit drawings, I/O drawings, and parts lists.
Sequence software design: Creating programs using a sequencer to control the whole system. We confirm and adjust software design and perform debugging in-house, which makes a smooth delivery possible on-site.
Screen software: We design and produce touch panel screens specific to the equipment using dedicated screen software. Buttons, displays, and settings screens are displayed on the touch panel.
PC software: We design and develop test software used in areas such as semiconductors, automobiles, and medical care.
2. Board production
We support various types of board production to suit our customers’ applications. We also offer assembly and wiring only. Inverter control, servo control, and temperature control
3. Various sheet-metal and processed products
We support various types of sheet-metal production and precision-processing production based on the application requirements.
4. Sales of various electric and electronic devices, control equipment parts, and related parts
Our range of sales services have been very well received since we began providing them.
Our strength lies in our procurement of control equipment parts (breakers, magnets, push buttons, and sequencers), can products, processed products, and semiconductors and electronic parts. We procure the products you are looking for with quick and flexible service. Feel free to contact us about your concerns.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
With our motto “continuing to be a specialist in automatic control,” M Service Co., Ltd. aims to continue to be a company that is trusted by our customers with the technology that we have accumulated to date as our base.

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