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We mainly manufacture various coil products. We create our own jigs and equipment so we can quickly and flexibly respond to detailed customer needs.

We can quickly and flexibly respond to customer requests by making use of our expertise in coil specifications and jig design. We can also offer detailed technical and design solutions based on your specified drawings and required characteristics. We can also take on small-lot orders for products such as wireless power supply units, sensing devices, and actuators.

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We pursue Monozukuri craftsmanship through our knowledge and experience
Support for prototyping and development
We can design winding jigs and assembly jigs in-house based on customer-supplied drawings (sketches also accepted) and specifications (including the type of wires to be used), fabricate these jigs using our own processing machines, and create products based on the specifications. We can also help our customers reduce R&D costs by suggesting solutions such as utilizing our existing jigs or saving labor hours for winding work by using more inexpensive specifications.
Machining of jigs, tools, and parts
We make use of our skills in designing and machining jigs and tools to undertake machining of various items, including jigs used for work and inspection and special equipment components that are not commonly available. We can process stainless steel, aluminum, and various resin materials by using a wide variety of machines including machining centers, lathes, and wire cut processing. We can also propose design solutions according to customer-required specifications.
Mass production
Our Nagasaki plant operates 24/7, using manufacturing equipment developed in-house, including winding machines, and under the supervision of plant facility managers working on shifts, so production can proceed at all times. In addition to our headquarters plant, we fulfill small-quantity orders by using our Niigata plant. We are committed to working hard day and night to maintain and improve the quality of products we deliver to our customers, based on our ISO 9001 certification.



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