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Insight Ltd.

Our company specializes in improving database performance.

Our strengths are in databases themselves and in SQL tuning, and we maximize the performance of information systems. We have a track record of installing IT at monozukuri craftsmanship sites for more than 20 years, and we offer proposals for accurate and appropriate edge computing.

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Database optimization
Performance tuning
By appropriately tuning the database, we can reduce instance utilization times and data transfer volumes so that they use fewer resources (CPU, memory, and IOPS). This not only improves system quality but also can be expected to lower the pay-per-use cost in the cloud. Insight analyzes the PostgreSQL source code and uses it to understand its internal workings as well as to improve performance. The relieved expressions of our customers when we improve their performance are immensely rewarding for us.
Release from vendor lock-in
We provide full support for the migration of database platforms from on-site to cloud. If the cost of an Oracle license is an issue, trust us to handle the migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL. All of our Insight technicians have OSS-DB Silver/Gold certification, and many are Oracle-certified professionals. Therefore, we are committed failure-proof migration with a focus on the crucial points of each database.
As a database department that customers can rely on
Database technicians are required to have a wide skillset that includes operating systems and networks, in addition to databases. Therefore, the market value of senior database technicians is high, implying that there is a high employment cost when securing permanent employees. Insight provides peace of mind with a service level equivalent to that of permanent employees, centered around remote operation through VPN. In addition, we are certified to the (ISO 27001:ISMS) international standard for information security, which implies that we can safely handle our customers’ important data.
Database solutions
Swarm64 Database Accelerator
The applications with which you are familiar are evolving into the ultrahigh-speed real-time platform of big data. Owing to its excellent maintainability, a single configuration of PostgreSQL server does not require a large, complicated distributed database such as Hadoop or Spark. Our support for both Edge (on-site) and cloud (AWS EC2 F1 instances) are the features of our service.
Ispirer Co., Ltd.Migration and Modernization Toolkit
Our tool automatically converts with high accuracy the objects, data and server-side business logic (stored procedures, views, and triggers) of various databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. In addition, it realizes automated application conversion to embedded SQL scripts, database APIs, and different programming languages (from COBOL to Java).
Navicat series
A unique database management tool that can be used to manage main databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, on a single GUI, and a Japanese language version is available. We not only support secure encrypted connections but also cloud-based databases such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. The stable operation and product support that only a paid tool can provide brings productivity gains that are over and above the price difference compared with a free tool.
Database education
PostgreSQL introductory training
Below, we explain the installation of PostgreSQL, basic settings, and how to use it, targeting people who are engaged in installing systems using PostgreSQL. <OSS-DB Silver-compatible>
PostgreSQL operation management training
We also offer explanations of more advanced settings, performance improvements, and troubleshooting to people involved in managing the operation of systems that are already using PostgreSQL. <OSS-DB Gold support>
Group training and company training
Group training
We hold regular PostgreSQL training at scheduled times and locations. The training includes practical content with some operation of the actual machine; therefore, it is useful for understanding the essentials. OSS-DB-certified material is employed in the textbook; therefore, it is effective even for examinations.

Single company training
If you have a large number of participants and want to save on the cost required to transport and provide accommodation for all of the participants, we recommend single company training, which involves a PostgreSQL instructor conducting the training at the customer’s site. While the training is based on the content used in group training, we can customize the training on request. For example, we can adjust the content and schedule of the training to suit beginners so that they can thoroughly learn the content, or we can add an explanation about the differences and similarities with PostgreSQL for Oracle engineers. The cost per participant will differ depending on the time and location where the trainer will conduct the training and whether there is any customization of content. Please contact us for more information.



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