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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:04

Kato tekkosho Co.,Ltd.

Our company was founded more than 50 years ago and has many years of experience in the machining industry. Equipped with various technologies, we engage in businesses such as producing various rolls, polishing cylinders, and producing as well as repairing machines.

[Reliability] Long-established company (founded more than 50 years ago)
[Techniques and technologies] We have confidence in our technical capabilities.

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Sales Pitch

Knurling (large diameter/special knurling)
Processing similar to knurling
As for transfer knurling or cutting knurling, we propose to clients, who focus on the accuracy or appearance of the rolls having a diameter of at least Φ250, the use of a combined processing machine or a lathe to process the rolls so as to produce products similar to those that have been knurled.
Engraving similar to knurling
Although a product may seem to have been knurled, it does not have a diagonal pattern, but rather a vertical and horizontal pattern. 
Actual product: Φ420 X 700 L, 2.06 mm in pitch, and 0.75 mm in depth
We are able to process materials to produce products with various shapes, pitches, and depths.
Possible processing range: Φ900 X 3800 L 
We also recommend the processing method to clients who require beautiful straight pattern knurling.
Cutting machining similar to knurling
Since the products are processed by cutting machining, we are able to make adjustments to create patterns with various shapes, sizes, and angles.
Actual product: Φ400 X 2500 L, a knurling angle of 70º, a groove angle of 60º at the bottom of each trapezoid, and 1.5 mm in pitch   

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