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Latest update: 01/03/2021 17:28:57


Precision sheet metal with beautiful external and internal surfaces that can be reliably used.

We are aiming to conform to the quality requirements of our customers using our expertise to offer welding and polishing that minimizes growth of microbacteria to users related to medical, pharmaceutical, and water purification products requiring high precision and quality.


Sales Pitch

Precision sheet metal, polishing, water purifier related, on-site polishing
On-site polishing: Polishing that is compatible with a wide range of materials
The materials we can accommodate include metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. There are numerous odd-form products related to foodstuffs, medical, and pharmaceutical products that require even higher level of quality. Therefore, at the time of polishing, we select buffing and materials according to the purpose and make buff shapes that are even more appropriate for polishing the products.
Beautiful welding without distortion
We mainly perform TIG welding, as well as semiautomated welding and arc welding. We mainly produce individual items and products in small lots, and we can also accommodate items with complex shapes, such as precision sheet metal and can manufacturing. We are always working hard on Monozukuri craftsmanship through the process of trial and error.
Welding and polishing
The more complex the shape, the more necessity for going back and forth between the welding and polishing procedures.
As our company performs welding and polishing in-house, we can offer detailed meetings and proceed with an optimal procedure for each situation.
Moreover, we can avoid transportation or transfer of products, and therefore can minimize unnecessary damage such as scratches.

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