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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:10

Silver Dental Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Our main business is in general prosthetics, implant superstructures for ceramics, attachment techniques, metal floors, artificial dentures, various orthodontic devices, and general insurance.

Zirconia as excellent properties as a dental material, such as its strength, aesthetics, and biocompatibility. These properties have been further evolved in “Z・EP” “Z・EP” is a type of zirconia that is used for aesthetic prostheses, and can be used even in formations with a small amount of elimination. 

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[Company Overview]
[Business content]
We mainly handle general prostheses, implant superstructures using ceramics, attachment techniques, metal dentures, dentures in general, various orthodontic devices, and general insurance. Our prosthetic products include all-ceramic crowns, CAD/CAM zirconia, metal bonds, TUM inlays and crowns and bridges, hybrid crowns, hard resin crowns, and metal crowns. Our denture-related products include metal, metal plate reinforced, resin, soft, nonclasp, and TUM dentures.
[Main products and technologies]
All-ceramics are known to have the highest biocompatibility, as well as excellent corrosion resistance. The most important feature of treatment using all-ceramics is that only ceramics, which are gentle on the body, are used, so patients who have metal allergies can receive treatment safely. We manufacture all-ceramics using “Taizan CAD/CAM system = Z/EP zirconia” and “Electro-forming system = Walserum.” Please let us know your preference for “Taizan system,” “Procera system,” or “Electro-forming system.” We can manufacture all-ceramic items according to your requested system.
Message from the representative
The human body stays alive through the co-existence of many microorganisms. None of these microorganisms can exist on their own, and through their relationship with one another, they make up the macrocosm that is known as the human body. In order for the body to stay alive, it is necessary to put food in the mouth and absorb nutrients from it as the food passes through the digestive system. In particular, the teeth located in the oral cavity, which is the entrance to this system, play the important role of chewing the food and sending it to the next step in the digestive tract. Since teeth are used throughout one’s life, urgent treatment is needed if a tooth has a cavity or is unfortunately lost. However, there are often cases where treatment methods using artificial materials (foreign substances) do not fit well with the patient, and many patients complain. Our technology and manufacturing aims to be a bridge between dentists and the patients mentioned above. Going forward, being able to help with peoples’ health will continue to be our greatest joy and our greatest wish. We will continue to make further efforts toward this goal.

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